Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scott & Cassie's Saloon

We traveled and made it safely here to the UK for our "house finding" trip. Scott & I both knew that the British speak a different version of English than we do in America, but we can barely understand what these people are saying.

Upon landing at Heathrow, we claimed our bags and then we went to pick up our car at the car rental agency. The nice English rental agent, asked us if we would like a saloon. Not sure if it was the jet-lag or just our complete incompetence, we asked her to repeat herself (at least 5 times). "A saloon," we asked? Yes, she said a saloon. Scott & I looked at each other and eventually just shrugged. The rental agent didn't really know how to explain the car to us (when she did, we still could not understand what she was saying), so we said that car sounded fine. We are not quite sure what type of car a saloon is, but we think we may have one....

We left Heathrow and headed towards our destination in the West Midlands, and made it there in one piece, despite not knowing what half of the traffic signs here mean. There were LOTS of round-abouts and lots of VERY FAST moving cars. I think I will need to start taking valium in order to survive driving long distances as a passenger here! 

We will prepare to house hunt for the rest of our time here, with our agent in hopes of finding our dwelling for our time here in the English countryside.

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