Friday, June 13, 2008

What's in a Name

Well, Cassie and I are moving to England.  

Just when the thought of moving abroad had escaped our (my) conciseness, the opportunity has finally presented itself.  My employer will be moving us to a small town (near the birthplace of Shakespeare) in the central part of England.  

The thought of our coming move has had us dreaming of the travel....the romance...the history....the...wait, we're moving out of the country.....and soon.

The thing about moving is that it is kind of hectic....make that really hectic.  And moving out of the country is just that, but raised to some exponential degree.  There are packers, movers, tax accountants, real-estate agents, human resource professionals, bankers, lawyers, travel agents, new bosses, foreign exchange consultants, insurance agents....and more that we have yet to talk to.  

The funny thing, though, is that considering the inherent diversity of the ex-pat relocation support army....almost each and every one of my soon-to-be British compatriots has had the same response upon completing their respective introduction:

Ex-pat support infantry person:  I'm so-and-so and I provide such-and-such.

Me:  Thank you for your time.  

Ex-pat support infantry person: Your name,  well that's a good Scottish name!

Me: In fact I am of Scottish descent - here is my family history, looking forward to living in the UK, thanks again for your time

Ex-pat support person:  Wonderful.  This is my family lineage, (this is where the specific infantry person's story varies somewhat)....and finally let's get down to business.

We're not quite sure exactly what is going to unfold over the next few years, but one thing is certain....I do have a uniquely Scottish name, a family name now for both of us.  

We decided to enter the blogging world to chronicle our adventures ahead, and invite you to follow along as we explore our new home (England) and neighborhood (Greater Europe) and settle into our new, strange, historic surroundings. 


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