Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Every time I pass the "waffle" sign at the grocery store here, I think I am going to see some frozen type of Eggo waffles here, but I don't (I should know better by now).
The "waffle" sign refers to all of the potato waffles for sale in that aisle.
I have no idea if these waffles are supposed to be eaten at breakfast or dinner, but I finally bought some and we had them as a side dish for dinner last night.

My verdict is that these are the equivalent to American tater tots or something quick along those lines. They claim to be made of mashed potatoes in the shape of a waffle and that is how they tasted too. I have no idea if these are sold in the US or not, but I am always surprised that frozen waffles are not sold in the UK, since they are so popular in the US.

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Jen said...

These are for kids really, I don't remember seeing a grown up eat them! When I had them as a kid, my mum put a slice of cheese on them and then baked beans on top. They were a quick tea, rather than a part of a proper dinner, if that makes sense? The kind of thing mum would put in front of us at 5pm because we had to be at Cubs or Brownies by 5.30pm.