Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Observations in the US

Once again I find myself looking at life in America with a different view, upon first arrival back here during our visit. For this visit, I am home for nearly 3 weeks which is the longest amount of time I have been back "home" in nearly 2 years. Because I am spending more time here, I find myself really comparing and contrasting bits about the US vs bit about our life in the UK.

As I sit here watching the local evening news right now, I am noticing how many murders and shootings are reported for one city alone. In England, there may be one shooting mentioned every few nights but overall, not many murders are mentioned nightly on the national news. The gun crimes and sensationalized news really does seem to be more heightened here in the US.

SUVs. As my Mom and I drove into a shopping centre the other day, I remarked that nearly 75% of all cars in the small parking lot were SUVs. It is nearly impossible to see around these cars when pulling out of the parking spaces. I said I wonder if when we move back to America, will we give in to this aspect of American culture and buy a SUV so we can tote kids, luggage, etc. around town?

Opening Hours. I have been to Target late at night after my little Crosby has gone to bed (Gram & Pa on baby duty of course). Target is open until 11pm! I can only imagine what kind of errands I would be able to run in England if stores were open that late and I would be able to go out after 8pm at night....

The grocery store. I find myself in awe of all the new products on the shelves that I have not seen before nor have I tried. I hope I won't go too crazy in tasting all of them once I move back. I also find myself in amazement over how many flavors of ice cream are here in the US at the grocery. I realize how limited the variety selection is in England. I have missed good ice cream tubs.
I also found myself looking for products at the grocery store here, that I have been accustomed to in England.

With all of these comparisons that are running through my mind while I am home, I wonder how long it will take to fully readjust to life here in the US (once we move back) before I stop comparing the two countries? Initially I guess I never thought I would be comparing the things I now prefer in England to things back here in America....so I may eventually be returning to the US with a different set of eyes than those of when I moved away.

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andrea said...

I went through this exact same thing when I moved back! It took less time than I thought to get used to being back here, but now, 2.5 years later, I still miss certain things about the UK! But I do love Target :)