Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The last part of our trip ended with a week in Indiana. We started the week with Scott's parents in central Indiana, and then ended the weekend in northwest Indiana, with both sides of our family, where we had Crosby baptized in her Great Grandmother's Church. It was a packed and busy week but lots of people got to meet little Crosby. She even got to experience her first tornado warning sirens! (not a part of life in midwest we miss very much...)
Up early the first day of our visit and chatting away with Grandpa Craig in the morning. He's so entertaining, so Crosby had a lot to share with him!
Trying out Grandpa Craig's chair for size. Still a bit of room to grow...
One evening we went with Scott's parents to their choir practice. They had a pot luck dinner reception first so everyone could meet their new granddaughter, Crosby. Scott & I were commenting on the great American salads and dishes at a "pot luck" meal in the US. Pot lucks in the UK really don't compare to American salads and dishes - the UK tends to gravitate towards sausage rolls, store bought mayo based salads, pork pies and other rather different dishes.
Crosby was introduced to some of Grandma Cris' dearest friends, Carla and Randi, who have both known Scott since he was a baby too.
Meeting Mrs. Nancy
And Scott's friend Dan
Great Grandma watching Crosby swing away the afternoon.
Meeting Mrs. Linda
Celebrating Grandma Cris' birthday while we were visiting. Crosby didn't have any cake this time either but I think she enjoyed the candles.
On Grandma Cris' birthday, Crosby had special photos taken with both Great Grandma and Grandma Cris.

After the week with Scott's parents, we all headed to northwest Indiana to visit with more relatives and for Crosby's baptism at Great Grandma's Church there.
On Saturday evening before the baptism, Great Grandma hosted a lovely dinner for some of Scott's and my family so everyone could spend more time with Crosby. She got to meet her Great Aunt Kathie and Great Uncle Steve there for the first time.
Crosby also got to meet Uncle Matt!
And Uncle Todd!
We all had a nice dinner and a good time snuggling with the baby.
Back at the hotel that night, Aunt Carrie had a sleepover with Crosby in her room!
Sunday morning was the morning of the christening. Crosby looked so pretty in my dress that I wore for my christening, and she even had a new pretty pearl bracelet from Gram & Pa for the special occasion too.
With her godparents, Jonathan & Sarah, and us before the ceremony.
Both of our families before the ceremony.

The ceremony was very nice and it was even more special that we were able to have Crosby christened in the same church where Scott's parents were married and Scott was baptized too.
After the christening, we hosted a lunch at a nearby restaurant for both sides of our family. Many more cuddles with Crosby were in order! It was a great end to the trip to the US and a wonderful occasion for many of our loved ones to meet our newest treasure.

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