Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby

The past few weeks have been spent on and off getting ready for our little "Dauson" (our nickname for baby - either a daughter or a son!). While we do not have everything in place, I am sure it will come together in time and at least we have a place for this little babe to lay his or her head when he/she arrives back home from the hospital. Thanks to Dauson's grandparents, this little baby is already being spoiled with new furniture, a car seat, stroller and more! Lots of love and excitement surrounding the arrival of this baby....
The baby will first sleep in this moses basket. Hopefully Dauson will like green!
I made the moses basket bedding for the baby and also made this little blanket/quilt to go with it. It is soft and cozy, which hopefully will be good for snoozing.
In baby's room, Scott has been working on assembling new furniture for the nursery. He is very proud of his accomplishment of putting together the baby's dresser. It is already filled with plenty of clothes, blankets, towels and goodies that friends and family have sent for our little babe.
There is a nice little changing area on top of the dresser. My co-workers gave us a lovely little gift basket before I left on maternity leave and I think I will use the basket to house the diapers and wipes for changing time.
And Scott also assembled the baby's "cot bed" as they are called here...or crib as we know them in America. Note the cute mobile ready and waiting in the baby's room, a gift from baby's "Aunt" Sarah.
The baby also has two beautiful quilts awaiting his/her arrival. Both handmade gifts from a very talented quilter in Chicago!
Yesterday we had a great delivery with the arrival of the new glider chair for the baby's nursery. I was hesitant to order a glider for various reasons, but now that it has arrived, it is super comfortable and I cannot wait to rock little Dauson in it.

Here I am trying it out for size....37 weeks baby could possibly arrive any day now!


Almost American said...

Goodness me - from that photo of you I would never even know that you're expecting! It looks as though you are ready for Dauson's arrival! Wishing you an easy delivery!

Well That's a Good Scottish Name... said...

Thank you - very kind, although I am surely feeling like I am pregnant these days! :)

Anita said...

I just stumbled upon your blog via the "next blog" button. Seems it was meant to be; our youngest son's name is Dawson, a name you seem to have stumbled upon. Our Dawson's nickname in utero though was Guisseppi. :P

(Oh look, another little coincidence, the verification "word" is "conce", that's pretty close to coincidence isn't it? ;) )

Nice to meet you :)

Kelly said...

You are looking great! And very prepared and organized. Hope you are feeling well and not too worried - all will go well. Thinking of you!