Monday, January 3, 2011

The Deep Freeze

The new Deep Freezer has arrived! I am probably one of the very few modern women who could be so excited about having extra freezer space. Why, you wonder? So I can cook now and stock up on good homemade meals for our post-baby days when we are sleep deprived. Many might say "Can't your husband do the cooking?"
My husband is lovely at many things....however when it comes to cooking, it is best for everyone involved that his kitchen duties are kept to grilling and doing the dishes. He is better suited to spend his time working. Besides, with his current work schedule, if we waited for him to come home, prepare and fix dinner, we probably wouldn't be eating until bedtime!
The other driving factor behind this idea is that take out options here are quite different than those in the US. They really don't exist. The local pizza places do not even deliver. So, we have to go in to a restaurant to "take away" - and these options include: pizza (and not the good Chicago deep dish kind!), chinese, thai, fish n' chips, and Indian. Although some of these options are nice every once in a while, they are probably not the healthiest of options for meals every night, and after one week of eating such meals, I reach my quota of consumption of such cuisines. So I will be opting for spending the time to stock my new freezer with meals that I have made and that I know are hopefully a bit more well balanced than take out options.
The new deep freezer. No room in our kitchen for this extra appliance, so it is living in our office room.
Finding disposable containers is a challenge here in the UK. Americans have more choices for disposable containers than they probably realize! That discussion is worth a blog post all on its own....I have scoured the stores to find as many shapes and sizes of disposable tin foil and plastic containers. I have been marking the containers or ziploc bags with information on what food is inside, how many servings are included, defrosting information, and further cooking information. I also mark the date on which the food is made so I know how old it is when I go to reheat the food. The goal is to start eating the oldest items first so we don't leave too many things in the deep freezer for too long.
The deep freezer is already starting to fill up! I hope this extra baking, cooking, and freezing work will pay off for us when we have our newborn back at home with us.

The foods and meals I have made and frozen include (with links to recipes if available):
- Steak Enchiladas
- Tortellini, Sausage, and Vegetable Soup
- Chicken Wellington
- Meatballs in Tomato Sauce - for either meatball sub sandwiches or spaghetti
- Deep Dish Pizza
- Homemade Pizza Dough
- Burritos
- Cinnamon Rolls and of course more Cinnamon Roll dough (as seen in previous posts)
- Sour Cream Walnut Coffee Cake(s)


andrea said...

You are so good! I didn't do this when we had our son in the UK and wish we had, but we didn't have the space. Now for our next baby I keep saying I am going to do this but an almost 3 year old is stopping me :) I may take some of your recipes and start!

Leamington said...

Not sure if I should take offense or just be excited. Those meals look yummy.

- The husband

Carol said...

Wow! It looks like you are already well stocked. Most of those recipes look yummy. I'll have to try some myself.

katy said...

holy cow, cassie, you're amazing!!! you've been cooking/baking up a storm! is your mom going to fly over to stay with you after?