Monday, April 26, 2010

Saying Goodbye (for now)

One down side of this expat life includes making friends and then watching them move away before you do. Such is the case with our friends Jason & Lauri and their two adorable daughters who have become very dear friends to us during our time abroad. Jason & Scott work together and we all moved to England one day apart of one another over 19 months ago. Today, their English adventures ended, and they moved back to the US. 

I am sad to see their family leave England, as it has been so nice to have friends who understand all of the challenges that come with an international move and it has been comforting to experience all of these challenges at the same time. Beyond the challenges, we have also been lucky enough to experience many of the excitements of life in a new country with Jason & Lauri and their girls - including the arrival of their youngest daughter while we've lived here! Plus, it's just been great to have a friendly face close by for when our husbands have been traveling or increasingly busy with work. When we first moved here, I spent one afternoon wheeling all of my wet laundry in a rolling suitcase over to Lauri's house so I could use her tumble dry to dry our towels since I was oh-so-tired of our crusty clothes!! Thank goodness for such friends who understand these foreign challenges. 

It is a sad day to see them leave England, but we are happy to think that someday we will all be back in the US together so we will look forward to new memories then. 
Miss Emma greeting me at their house one last time. 
The adorable Emma & Maddy with me on their last night in England. 

Bon Voyage to the entire family...We will miss you here in the UK!!!

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