Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ladies do London

On Saturday, I went to London with two girlfriends for the day. My good American friend, Lauri, who has been here in England for the same amount of time as we have, is due to move back to the US very soon. It will be so sad to see her go home! Her husband works with Scott and he has taken a new job back in the Chicago headquarter office, so their family will be repatriating to the US. 
We took advantage of the ladies leaving their kids at home with their husbands, and we took the train to London for the day to do some shopping, eating and some sight seeing too....
We started our morning with shopping on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. I just love all of the antiques and bric a brac on display by the vendors. Plus the sunny weather made it the perfect Saturday for shopping outside in the sunshine!
A stop by the Hummingbird Bakery was an essential stop for us while shopping on Portobello Road. Although we visited the bakery in the morning, I still indulged in a delicious chocolate whoopee pie! 

After Portobello Road, we wandered around Soho and made our way to the Liberty Store.
I love that the back of the Liberty store is wallpapered in some of their famous floral print. 
Liberty of London recently launched a special line for Target in the US, which I have perused many times already I was quite surprised to find the Liberty for Target goods in their UK store. I wonder if any of the British really know what Target is??? (There is nothing of equivilance over here as far as I have found.) These items on this line cost a fraction of the price compared to the rest of Liberty's fabulous signature items, so it is no surprise that this line has sold out very quickly in all of the Targets in the US. I just hope they still carry new items in this range by the time we move back to the US. 

After a lovely leisurely lunch in Soho, we did a bit of the tourist thing, and wandered down to the EYE of London...
From this area, we then took [what we thought was going to be] a little boat tour down the Thames. However, it turned into probably the shortest boat tour EVER. Think 10 minutes cruising down the Thames with a commentator on speed. 

Despite the speed boat instead of the leisurely tour, we still enjoyed the view of the city's main sights along the river. It was a great day out with the ladies in London! 

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Anonymous said...

They had loads of the Liberty stuff in stock at Target when I was in the US last month. I kind of wondered if the locals didn't get the appeal?