Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My little endeavor

Last fall I took a stab at trying to exhibit at a few craft "fayres" here in the UK to display (and hopefully sell) the baby gifts, personalised items, and children's clothing that I enjoy making as gifts for friends. Making these items started as most of our friends started having children and I wanted to give them personalised (monogrammed) items and found things in the stores that I thought I could make just as easily as I could buy. Since I enjoy sewing, I started trying out different patterns and then once I purchased an embroidery machine it was easy to embroider little gift items to make them personal for the child. 

Over time these gifts have evolved and with the feedback of the moms, I have made some changes to the items to make them hopefully the best items for the children (and for the parent needs as well). 
I have given a few gifts to some British friends who have had babies in our area, and all have raved about the products since personalised items seem difficult to come by over here. Thus, orders started coming in from them for their friends and then the questions about "Do I have a website?", "Where can I see the product listings?" and more started to occur. So, I have tested my VERY limited web skills and have launched my first little website to show some of these handmade products online. I also now have an ETSY site (online handmade selling forum - it's GREAT!) so people can buy my products online. I will ship worldwide!


In really great news, I made my first online sale via etsy yesterday! I was thrilled, as I had only listed the product 24 hours earlier. My first "sale" was a personalised 1st Birthday Cupcake Baby Bib for a little girl. Here is the product: 
I am sure I will post more about my new initiative again, but keep checking the site,, as I add more products for sale.

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Mom/Mum said...

Good luck with your crafting! The bib looks so cute. Am sure it;ll be a success. So many of my UK friends ask me to send them personalised gifts from America, because, like you say, it's not very big in UK.