Monday, July 27, 2009

Killing Birds

I am finally back in the life of the living after a bad bout with the swine flu.....thankfully Scott seems to be unscathed and so we are hopefully he will avoid it all together.
As a result of being out of commission for almost 2 weeks with the flu, I do not have many exciting travels or sight seeing adventures on which to report. The excitement around our house this past weekend revolved around two dead birds. 

The first bird incident occurred when I went out onto our back patio to water my vegetable "garden" (aka pots of vegetables growing well over their containers) and I nearly jumped out of my skin as I went towards the zucchini plants because I saw this dead bird on the ground!
We suspect it flew straight into the window on our garage door and fell to its death. I carefully waited for Scott to get home from work to dispose of this bird. 
Our second bird "incident" occurred on Sunday evening. We invited a friend over for dinner because his wife and children are back in the US starting their annual "home leave" visit with their relatives at the moment. The husband has remained back in the UK for a few weeks and will meet his family at the end of this week. I figured that he probably could use a nice Sunday night meal since his wife is away. 
Sadly, a nice meal is not what was delivered - in fact, the main course was slightly disastrous instead! We made the "beer can chicken" recipe where you take a full chicken, slather it in oil and spices, and then stick the entire chicken cavity on top of the beer can. The process started out just fine until I glanced out the kitchen window and saw flames coming out of our grill! I yelled for Scott and he rushed outside and when we opened the grill, we found our dead bird....
The flaming bird, with completely charred skin (and difficult to see in this photo - beer squirting out of its chest cavity to boot!). At least the meat was cooked and slightly edible....but oh so dry....
Hopefully we will not be killing anymore birds in our neck of the woods anytime soon.

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