Monday, February 2, 2009


The view out of our glass front door....snow on the street and on our car!
We woke up this morning to see snow outside. After turning on the news, we have found out that we are lucky to be in the West Midlands versus in London right now. We have maybe an inch of snow on the ground right now but this London already had between 6 inches to a foot of snow. It has caused a big mess in the south part of England today....airports are closed, all bus service in London has been suspended and 10 out of the 11 tube lines are experiencing severe delays or issues! The Times is reporting that this snowfall is the heaviest snowfall England has experienced in nearly 20 years and it appears the snow will continue to fall as the week goes on. Further north, by us, we are expected to get more snow this evening with it turning heavy into the morning hours. For a country that does not get much snow, and really does not know how to handle it, it is causing a big mess all around!  
Our back courtyard this morning with the snow dusting. 
We did have to spend a mere five minutes to clean off our car this morning but hopefully that was the worst part of our first major snow experience here in England. 
Scott dutifully dusting off our car with a broom. 
Our street covered in snow....

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Michelle said...

Hey there fellow expat! Loved the snow pics. We didn't get much here. I'm from NC and we're in our third year of expat life. give me a shout if you want. I'm goning to make an order soon for some US products...let me know if you want to tag on to the order.