Thursday, January 1, 2009

Camel Riding

While in Cairo visiting the Pyramids of Giza, we decided to ride camels through the Sahara Desert. It was quite an experience, so I thought it deserved its own post!
Getting on and off of the camel was one of the most ungraceful experiences to you will see from the photos! I got up on my camel first as Scott watched. 
I am on the camel and ready to go.
And then it was Scott's turn to get on....
We are both holding on to the saddle horns in hopes we don't fall off! 
The view of the camel while sitting on top...
Scott is riding his camel in front of me, so I was able to capture a shot from up on top of the camel. 
We rode to an area where we could see all three pyramids in the background. 
Holding the reigns!
This video below shows Scott riding his camel (I was filming while riding too). It was VERY windy in the desert that day, so the background noise is a little annoying if your volume is turned up high. The video looks unsteady because it was that bumpy of a ride! 

As we rode back to the area where we started, we saw all of the other camels waiting for tourists to arrive to ride them.
Below is one other video of this camel riding experience. Advance warning - Scott films this bit and about 20 seconds into it, he loses control of the camel reigns, and as a result the camera falls out of his hands. I don't think he realized the camera was still filming so the video is sideways and quite goofy.....and of course very windy like the other one. 

We inched towards the end of the ride and then it was time to dismount. I almost did not include this set of photos because I think they quite a few unbecoming photos....but I figured my expression shows the shear horror I experienced of being at such an angle while the camel dropped to his knees as I dismounted from the seven foot high perch!
It was quite a ride! 

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