Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mothering Sunday

Sunday April 3rd was "Mothering Sunday" here in the UK. It is the British version of what we know as Mother's Day in the US. In reading about the history on why it is on a different date, I have found information that says in the US Mother's Day always takes place at the beginning of May but here in the UK, Mothering Sunday takes place on the Sunday halfway between Shrove Tuesday (also known in the US as Fat Tuesday) and Easter - halfway between Lent. Typically this means Mother's Day in the UK is in March, but this year due to Easter being so late, it was in early April. For more historical information, this site explains things in more detail.

Either way, now that I am a Mom, one of the advantages of being an expat here in England means that I get to celebrate Mother's Day twice - once for being a "Mum" here in England, and then again in May on the US Mother's Day. On Sunday, I had a very nice first day being a Mum here in England. Scott brought me breakfast in bed and little Crosby was once again a good baby all day long. In May for the US Mother's Day, Crosby & I will be back with my Mom in the US so I am excited to have the best of both worlds for my two first Mother's Day(s) this year!
Crosby all smiles on Mothering Sunday in her special outfit, although it should have said "I Love Mummy" for this celebration in England.
Opening my cards from Scott & Crosby. Crosby managed to get into the pink paint and painted her hand prints all over her card for me. Very cute...and well done Dad on the thought (although I sniffed something suspicious when I came home from the store and saw pink paint all over Crosby's outfit and didn't get a straight answer as to why she had pink marks....!!!). I feel so lucky to have such a nice husband and a beautiful baby girl as my daughter!

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