Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We were at our home in England this year for Halloween, the first time we have been at home for the evening to welcomed trick-or-treaters here. In honor of being around, we (well really Scott) carved a pumpkin to put in our front entryway so neighborhood kids knew they could come to our door. We had about a dozen kids in total - no where near the amount we ever had at our homes in the US growing up, but it is not as popular of a holiday over here as it is in America. (although it is growing in popularity I understand here)
Scott as a jack-o-latern.
Our jack-o-latern lights up our entryway area, awaiting trick or treaters!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Just thought that I'd leave a message to tell you that I love the blog...also, to say how lucky you are to visit so many beautiful places!!!