Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boden Bonanza

This week that clothing store I have come to love dearly, Boden, was hosting a clearance sale near our house. I received a notification in the post and knew I had to put it on my calendar to attend.

The flyer I received said the sale started at 10am, so I wanted to get there as close to 10 as possible. When I arrived at 10:10am, here is what the parking lot looked like already:
Needless to say, I was on the late end of the arrival filled up the field near the exhibition centre.
Upon entering the exhibition centre, I was faced with a sea of British ladies rummaging through all of the clothes as quickly as they could, while trying to stuff all possible options of items into their bags for purchase.
People everywhere! I thought maybe they were giving the clothes away!
While it was bustling at the seams, it was fun to go and be part of the action. Some of the deals were really good (aka the kids clothing items and the coats) but some of the other items did not seem to be as inexpensive as I thought they would be for a "clearance" sale. I wonder if they host the same type of sales in the US too? Maybe when we move back I will offer to organize one for them!


andrea said...

I have not heard of them doing this in the US, and I wish they did! I would be all over it!

katy said...

Sounds similar to the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sales! Except for those you have to begin waiting in line the day before :)