Sunday, May 16, 2010

Petersham Nurseries

I was in London recently and was able to meet my friend, Lauren, and her mom who was visiting from the US. We had lunch in a what appeared to be a rather strange location (at first) but after visiting Petersham Nurseries, I could see why it is a favorite location of those who live in the area. To get to this nursery, I took the green (district line) tube stop from the city all of the way to the end - the Richmond stop. Then, there is a beautiful walk along the river Thames to get to Petersham Nurseries. It was quite busy and such a pretty sight to see...most definitely worth an afternoon out with the ladies if you are in London or the area and have some time for English gardening inspiration. 
The greenhouses and nurseries are all filled with lots of plants, flowers, gardening treasures and even furniture for sale. 
Inside the nursery, there are two restaurant areas - a more formal restaurant and then the Petersham Cafe. 
We ate outside in the cafe area. It was such a neat mix of mismatched chairs and tables. The food was excellent as well! The cakes were delicious...
Miss Molly joined us for lunch too although I think she enjoyed popping in and out of some of the garden pots the most! 

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Almost American said...

Talking to my mum on the phone yesterday she made a comment about "and then we'll find a garden centre for lunch." Not a pub. A garden centre.