Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Love of London

There's no secret that Scott & I both LOVE is one of the most fabulous cities in the world. We try to take advantage of going into London as often as we can (without of course over-doing it because it is VERY expensive!) While we would love to be living in London proper, our bank account is much better off since we are not! At least we are able to visit for a weekend or even just the day, as we did on Saturday. We trained it into the city in the morning to poke around, and then met our friends Beth & BJ for a long lunch, followed by a few afternoon was another lovely Saturday in London...
Scott riding the TUBE as we head to Oxford Street for a little shopping before lunch.

We walked from the Oxford Street shops, through Soho and China town on our way to the Covent Garden area for lunch. The China town streets were colorful and beautifully decorated in honor of the Chinese New Year. 
Lunch for this Saturday was Mexican! Cafe Pacifico is located in Covent Garden, right near the Tube Stop and it was a good find. 
While the margaritas were not quite as good as they are back in the US, they were some of the best we've had on this side of the pond. I can fully endorse the food at Cafe Pacifico......I would say it was even a step up from the Texas Embassy (another mexican restaurant in London). Mexican food is so abundant in the US that I never even thought I would miss it as much as I do over here. Luckily we are close enough to London to get our Mexican food "fix" when we can! 

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