Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the season for baking...

I spent time this week baking up a holiday sugar high....
Per Scott's request, I made four large trays of cookies for him to bring into his office mates as a holiday sweet treat for all to share. Then, for each of his staff members and other colleagues from his department, I made "goodie bags" filled with bread, hot fudge sauce, and more holiday sweets. I made similar bags of goodies last year for his work colleagues and apparently they were a hit, as Scott's boss asked him a few weeks ago if his "Mrs" would be making the delicious holiday treats again this year? At least I am glad to know people enjoy the goodies! 

It does seem that holiday baking is not as big of a tradition here as it is in the US. In the US I used to receive many homemade goodies from friends and co-workers. Here, however, it seems the holiday card and maybe some liquor is more appropriate. Scott has been coming home with cards from all of his co-workers on a daily basis which have been addressed to both of us, wishing us a Happy Christmas. Additionally, our neighbors have actually walked over cards, rung the doorbell, and hand delivered these Christmas cards to us. In the US, most people would typically just mail their cards. I am not sure if this is a common UK tradition, but it seems more prevalent to us this year, now that we know more local people. 
The chocolate mint cookies as they were cooling with the mint/chocolate frosting.
Snickerdoodle cookies coming straight out of the oven. 
Orange almond poppyseed bread with its orange glaze. 
Two trays of fudge, peanut butter kiss cookies, and toffee bar cookies ready for Scott to take into his office. Funny enough, the peanut butter kiss cookies were the last cookies to be eaten! Must be a cultural difference since they are a favorite American cookie! 
Jars of Hot Fudge sauce ready for goodie bags.
Holiday cookies/sweets for the holiday bags.
The poppyseed bread wrapped up and ready to be put in the holiday bags. 


andrea said...

Your cookies look great! I found that not many people in the UK like peanut butter, and my husband always complains about how bad hersheys chocolate is, so the peanut butter kiss cookies, while my favorite, would be his nightmare!

Iota said...