Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ladies who brunch...

When we first moved here to the UK and I was not working, I thought I might relish in the opportunity to be one of the "ladies who lunches" because she has all of that extra time on her hands. As it turned out, I realized that I am not someone who enjoys so much extra time on my hands and I felt like I was lacking a purpose since I had nothing on my daily agenda. The excess of time made me a bit unproductive in many ways because I just had no sense of urgency for tasks since I had so much time to waste! 

Since I started working part-time last winter, my focus has shifted and I am back in a position where I am MUCH better at managing my time, and am able to spend my free time doing things I enjoy. The majority of the other American wives over here do not work, so on my days off I will sometimes do things with either the American Club or just the other ladies in the area. Yesterday I decided to host a brunch at my house since I like to entertain and since the mornings tend to be the best time to see the ladies who have small children in school during the day. I used the homemade frozen potato hash browns that I conquered early in the week and I think the potato casserole was the hit of the brunch!
Here are a few photos since I am a nut and take pictures of my set tables and often times food....
The coffee service tray. It was the first time I used this beautiful monogrammed silver tray we had received as a wedding gift. I did not bring many of our wedding gifts over with us but I sure was glad to use this one. It made such a pretty display for the sugar & cream! I also used the new silver sugar holder (an England antique store find!), my Emma Bridgewater Heart Set, and my new pretty heart hammered tea spoons. 
Can you tell I was excited about it?!?!?
The fruit platter. Nothing fancy but I had fun displaying the cut-up fruit in a design!
The brunch table set and ready for the guests to start eating (minus the potato casserole which was still cooking in the oven)! On the menu was: Ham & Swiss Quiche; Mushroom, Pepper & Cheddar Quiche; Crunchy Potato Casserole; Cranberry Muffins; Chocolate Chip Scones; Orange-Almond Poppy Seed Bread; Pumpkin Gingerbread; Fresh Fruit; Orange Juice and Coffee

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